Freelance Writing

Brands, People,
Ingredients & Nutrition

There’s no limit to the stories
I can tell… about food.

Where Nutrition, Recipes and Agriculture Collide

Every plate of food has an intriguing history and a complex story. From the farmer who devoted his life to the land to the chef who thoughtfully curated and developed the recipe; every plate is worthy of a voice that passionately tells the story of the people behind it. Through my Freelance Writing, I stir-up the conversation where passion, food, ingredients, ethics and science collide.

Write on!

Recipe Development

Healthy, accessible recipes that are simple for any level of cook to prepare and enjoy.

Food Photography

I love to capture my own recipes, nutrition-packed ingredients and any pretty food I see.

Freelance Writing

I publish recipes and write custom content about food and nutrition for anyone interested in eating well.

Speaking & Presenting

I love speaking to groups and training people about the best ways to merge food and nutrition.