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I wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2015. As I started to list the places I went and the people I met, I was amazed by how many awesome opportunities I’ve been given this year. When I quit my job 4 years ago, I had no idea where it would take me or what I would be doing. Starting a consulting practice was extremely difficult, but I’m super thankful that I’ve been able to build my business into what it is today. Professionally, this was my best year yet and I’m super thankful for the special moments I can now look back on with pride.

Here are my top 10 professional highlights from 2015:

(In the spirit of full disclosure, please note many of these opportunities were sponsored trips and events paid by my clients.)

10. I met David Loberg from the movie Farmland. David is a Nebraska farmer and was featured in the documentary Farmland. It was such a treat to chat with David and hear his perspective about the movie. You can read that blog HERE.

Loberg Farm Stirlist.com

9. I delivered the keynote address for the Kansas Dietetic Association and also spoke at the Nebraska Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with Leah McGrath and Alice Henneman. My presentation for KDA focused on telling Ag’s story through social media.

Amber from Stirlist.com

Amber from Stirlist.com

8. I was invited to attend the Chicken Summit in Maryland. I was only there for 24 hours, but I met some incredible people like Stephanie from Plain Chicken. I saw everything from the hatchery to harvest.

Chicken media summit Stirlist.com

7. I was interviewed several times by local media. In addition to doing my weekly radio segment on KFOR, I was asked to do a number of local TV segments. Here’s a shot from the day I met reporter Natalie Micale. You can check out that interview and other segments HERE.

Amber from Stirlist.com

6. I went to Canada for the first time and learned about canola farming. I have always been a fan of canola oil, but I had no idea how lovely the canola fields would be! Below is one of my instagram photos I took while eating at a farm to table restaurant in Saskatoon. The flower in the photo is actually canola!

canola trip Stirlist.com

5. I traveled to Virginia to learn about peanut farming. Oh, and I ate lots of peanutty foods like deviled eggs with peanuts. =)

Meal from Peanut Tour Stirlist.com

4. I added guest bloggers on Stirlist.

Risky? Yes.

Mistake? Definitely not.

I’ve had a lot of questions about why I decided to add guest bloggers. The truth is that I was approached by these women because they wanted to learn more about my business and the world of nutrition blogs. In my opinion, you just have to DO in order to learn. So, this is my way of giving back by giving others a platform where they can share their content and grow in their knowledge.

girls hanging out from stirlist.com

3. I spoke at the genetic literacy project bootcamp with Slyvia Klinger. I also met some met some amazing science communicators that week including Kevin Folta and the Science Babe. Not gonna lie…I was a little star struck. If you haven’t read the Science Babe’s takedown of the FoodBabe, you should do that…like right now. (oh and yeah, I got to try the artic apple- that’s why I’m cupping my hand in the photo below because I’m still holding my sample. I’m pretty sure science dog wanted a nibble)

GLP photo from Stirlist.com

2. I was a guest on the Vern Blazek Science Power Hour. I was honored to be interviewed by Vern about fad diets. Hopefully he will take my advice and not jump on the werewolf diet plan.

1. I attended the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue. You can read about my experience HERE.

borlaug dialogue stirlist.com

As you can see, it was a pretty fantastic year. Thanks again for all the love and support this year!


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