photo-84This post is a little different as I’m not featuring a recipe, but I wanted to share with you about a conference I went to this past week. NAND stands for the Nebraska Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. NAND held their annual conference this past Thursday & Friday and I thought I’d provide a few thoughts about what I learned. Whenever I attend these types of events, I’m always amazed by the great speakers and by how much I actually enjoy my colleagues. I know that might sound funny but since I don’t go to an office everyday anymore full of RDs, I forget how much I miss them and how much I enjoy spending time with them. That’s why these types of events are always such a treat for me.

So what were my favorite moments about NAND 2015?

1. The quiet drive to & from Omaha. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a little dashboard thinking time. Also, aren’t Nebraska sunrises & sunsets the best? I captured this sunrise on the way to Omahahahaha.

2. Watching Travis Lucas put out the fire during the NAND executive board meeting. (Usually we are putting out other types of fires during board meetings, not actual real flames) Nice work buddy.

3. Listening to my some of my favorite speakers like:

Dr Tim Carr. I’m not just saying this because he’s my boss at UNL, but because I always learn something new from him every time he opens his mouth. He was my favorite professor when I was a student at UNL, because he delivers great information in a very conversational manner. He gave a fantastic talk about terminology that we throw around everyday related to our food system. Here are some of the highlights:

It reminds me of this….


Chere Bork. <—-This lady. She is a burst of energy and happiness. I’ve had the opportunity to serve with Chere on the board for the Nutrition Entrepreneurs dietetic practice group this year. She delivered a fantastic keynote about coaching and why it’s important to driver the coach approach vs the RD approach.



This is what happens after many hours of listening to nutrition knowledge bombs. You get a little silly in the back of the room and take selfies with your besties.

Already looking forward to NAND 2015!

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