Welcome back friends!

I thought in honor of summer officially ending that I would take a second and reflect back on my favorite moments from this summer. Since I’ve recently had a surge of likes on my Facebook page, (thank you!!) I thought this might help you see what I’ve been up to this summer. So, without further ado, here are my top 10 favorite moments in photos and sidewalk chalk. Enjoy!

1. My nieces became sidewalk prophets with chalk. 


2. I went to St. Louis, met Janice Person, and got to make a video in the St Louis airport. 

IMG_45163. I learned how to play the ukelele

IMG_47784. I played tug of war with pasta against Christy Wilson. (I’m pretty sure the pasta lost.)

IMG_51595. Nebraska Entrepreneurship wrote a story about my life with the hubs. 


6. I took a few selfies. One in an elevator with Marc Brazeau….


One in a flour mill. (It almost looks like I have buck teeth…not sure what’s up with that)


And one in a bathroom. Someday I will tell you the story about the toilet dress.

IMG_53187. I wrote my most popular blog post.

IMG_22728. I compared shoes with Dr. Mark Haub. By the way, here’s my goal for the rest of 2014: Pass the number of likes on his FB page. If I don’t, I might have to eat aspic.

IMG_52679. I tried to look smart in lab glasses with Slyvia Klinger. I was obviously thrilled about my new look.


10. I spammed Leah McGrath on her birthday with memes.

11. And bonus, I made some yummy food and took some pretty pictures. My favorite recipes from the summer included my Nebraska Inspired Cobb Salad


And Strawberry Bruschetta

Strawberry Bruschetta from Stirlist.com

As you can see, there were many hilarious and wonderful moments. Happy Labor Day and I’ll leave you with another note from the sidewalk prophets…





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