Happy New Year, Friends! Welcome back to another edition of Foodie Friday! Did you know that January is National Oatmeal Month? I thought I would celebrate by stirring up one of my favorite grains! Oatmeal is my favorite because it’s loaded with good nutrition, it’s filling and it’s affordable!

Let’s talk about types of oatmeal you can find in the store and how you can prepare it.

Most popular options: 

Quick oats: Affordable and super easy to prepare. They only take a minute or less in the microwave to cook!

Oatmeal packets: Another easy option containing quick oats. These can help with portion control, but you have to watch out for salt and sugar. (Be sure to check the labels.)

Steel cut oats: This option is going to be more expensive and will take longer to cook…about 20 minutes longer! But I love the rich, nutty flavor of steel cut oats. Save this one for a weekend or day off when you have more time to prepare.

Easy ways to prepare:

Overnight Oats: I think this is just a fancy term for cold oatmeal. Ha ha! Actually, overnight oats are great because you can prepare them the night before and then stick them in the refrigerator and forget about them.

Something to keep in mind: It’s important to remember that this is NOT a typical cookie. It will be much less sweet and more dry because it’s lower in fat and sugar. It also doesn’t contain additional flour, so the dough will feel different in your hands compared to dough that contains flour. However, this cookie (without the chocolate chips) is about 80 calories, contains almost 2 grams of fiber and only has 4 grams of sugar. Enjoy with your morning coffee or glass of milk.

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