Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwiches from

My BBQ sauce got a serious makeover this week. I’ve made BBQ sauce from scratch before, but nothing like this. This is definitely good timing with the summer grilling season kicking off soon! Not only is this dish low in sodium, but it also contains….wait for it….Cranberries! Yes, you read that correctly.

Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwiches from

The cranberries give the sauce a nice tartness that will blow your tastebuds! And Bonus: it’s a great way to increase the nutrition in your BBQ sauce. When I talk about cranberries with my students and clients, it seems like most of them reserve cranberries for Thanksgiving and ignore them the rest of the year. Say whaaaa???

People, let’s not limit cranberries to Thanksgiving alone! They are a super food because they’re super awesome and super nutritious.

My students and clients also tell me that they’ve heard cranberries are good for bladder health, but might not quite understand the science behind it. Let me simplify. Cranberries are a rich source of proanthocyanidins.


I know, big word there. Let’s just call them PACs. PACs prevent nasty bacteria like E.coli from sticking to the cell walls of the bladder, which is associated with urinary tract infections (boo). So Cranberries act like a super hero for the bladder. And with that visual in mind, let’s talk about this recipe again…

Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwiches from

This is an incredibly easy recipe as you can prepare your Cranberry BBQ sauce ahead of time, keep in the fridge, and then serve when you’re ready. You simply mix the sauce with cooked shredded chicken and serve on a bun with coleslaw. I used my Hawaiian coleslaw recipe to top off this amazing sandwich. I never thought about combining coleslaw with BBQ actually on the sandwich, but it was pretty tasty!  You could also serve it on the side as well.

Cranberry BBQ Chicken Sandwiches from

Special thanks to the Cranberry Institute for sending me the recipe and cranberry sauce!

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